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Kind Ostrich Cares For Orphaned Elephant at Animal Shelter


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A kind ostrich proved yet again that animals have a heart of gold. The ostrich saw two elephants feeling depressed. Therefore, it decided to take the elephant calves under its wing. Jotto was the elephant’s name where Pea was the Ostrich’s name. This happened at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This is an animal shelter Kenya.

Jotto was only a month old when his herd left him. Obviously, this left the elephant dejected. The elephant could not survive on his own. Fortunately, the Wildlife Trust rescued Jotto. Thanks to the charity’s volunteers. Therefore, Jotto got a second chance at life. Homes Luxury claims these facts.

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Pea is also an orphaned animal who came in a pair. Pod was the name of the other ostrich. Both birds arrived at the Wildlife Trust. The animal’s act surprised the charity staff. They did not expect the different animals to get along with each other. The elephants and the ostriches got along very well.

A keeper at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust stated the fated encounter. He said the staff was given a task. This task was to rescue two orphaned ostriches. They were also preparing the baby elephant on the mattress. This was an important step to load the elephant onto the plane. Thus, their friendship was truly fated. Eventually, the animals boarded the plane. It was en route to Nairobi.

Soon, the animals form an unbreakable bond together. The animal world is full of magical wonders. It is home to many unusual friendships. Thus, this proves that friends can be regardless of species, size, shape or color. Perhaps they relate to each other due to being orphaned.

After some time, Pod was returned to the wild. On the other hand, Pea stayed with the wildlife trust. We Care About Animals reports this. The orphaned animals will return to the wild. This normally happens when they are old enough to look after themselves. The animals are so close to each other. It is a sad sight to separate them. Hopefully, they might be released together.


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