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A Critically Endangered Orangutan Was Born


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A moment of Festivity at the Chester Zoo as they celebrate the birth of an endangered orangutan. This birth is tremendously special to the zoo and its keepers. Their baby fever is reaching the sky.

(Image Source: Chester Zoo)

Emma bared this baby for eight and half months and then delivered it. This mommy is 34 years old and its father Puluh is also 34 years old. Moreover, these two make an extremely stunning couple.

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The zoo announced the birth on their social media in an exciting manner. One can tell from their post about their level of enthusiasm. Apart from the keepers the audience also reacted to this news in a positive manner.

(Image Source: Chester Zoo)

The sex of the little one is to unfold. For now, it is clinging to its mother all the time since it is born.

The birth of this little one is celebrated globally by conservationists as fewer than 14,000 of these great apes are left in the wild. Indeed these factors make this birth extra special. As a matter of fact, Sumatran Orangutans come under the category of critically endangered species.

(Image Source: Chester Zoo)

This baby hold’s a special place in the keeper’s heart. As it is the first of its kind to be born at the zoo since its group moved back to their Monsoon Forest home. This happened after 9 months of the tragic fire.

According to the keepers, they find it rather cute and the moment incredibly special how Emma bonded with her newborn and is keeping it safe.

(Image Source: Chester Zoo)

For time being the baby and mother are in good health and shape. They are bonding with each other. It is easy to spot them in their enclosure. This baby is of high importance any sort of leniency is not tolerable.

Species Survival Plan is doing everything it can in order to help this species. Growth in their population is exceptionally important.

(Image Source: Chester Zoo)

Lastly to visit this endangered orangutan family!

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