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Rescuers Save a Mysterious Animal Behind a Pet Store


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A strange animal was spotted behind a pet store. This was in downtown Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The poor animal was nearly naked. It had little fur to protect its own hide. The Wild at Heart Rescue had discovered this mysterious animal.

Mysterious animal was found out to be a raccoon.
(Image Source: Facebook/Wild at Heart Rescue)

The rescue service knew that the animal needed help. Tracking it down was hard. The animal would keep changing its location. Efforts to track down the animal lasted more than one month. The rescuers knew time was running out. Therefore, they had to act fast. They knew well the animal’s life was in danger.

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Harmless traps did not work. Instead, the rescuers decided to lure the animal to them. Thus, they set up a feeding station. They also set up a camera to track the animal’s movement. Luckily, the camera feed started to pick something up. It was the mysterious creature itself.

Mysterious animal was a raccoon.
(Image Source: Facebook/Wild at Heart Rescue)

However, the animal would not be approached right away. The rescue team had to learn some of the creature’s habits. This was necessary before they could proceed further. After some time, the rescuers caught the animal in a net. This was important because they feared it might run off again. The Dodo had reported these facts.

The creature was rushed to shelter. A heart-breaking sight awaited its rescuers. The animal suffered from a terrible illness. This was sarcoptic mange. The illness results in a thick growth on the animal’s skin. Moreover, it was one of the worst cases they had seen of the illness.

Mysterious animal caught
(Image Source: Facebook/Wild at Heart Rescue)

Roe and Seals was the name of the rescuers. They worked hard to save the animal from its condition. They later discovered the ‘mysterious animal’ was actually a raccoon! Saving the animal required lots of care. The rescuers had to bath the animal daily. Moreover, they had to brush the scales off the raccoon. Of course, the illness had caused this.

Hobo is the raccoon’s new name. Hobo is a senior raccoon whose health has greatly improved. Likewise, the raccoon has become well-adjusted to his surroundings. Hobo is making a steady recovery. Eventually, Hobo will have to go back to the wild. However, he is enjoying his life of comfort for now.


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