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Wild Fox Walks onto Yard, Declares it As Her Own Territory


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A wild fox took an interest in a woman’s yard. The fox decided she should take a stroll. She became quite fond of the woman’s yard. Emma Thompson was the owner of the yard. She was working inside her office that day. For some reason, she felt she had company.

Wild fox finds new home
(Image Source: Facebook/The Adventures of Foxy and Friends)

She described the whole encounter with The Dodo. Emma explained she saw an orange figure dart out from the corner of her vision. This orange figure ran away the moment it saw Emma. This was none other than the intelligent fox. The fox paid Emma a visit every day. Thus, she became a regular visitor to Emma’s place.

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The fox had a tragic past. Emma had picked up the fox’s story bit by bit. She also named the wild fox along the way. Foxy would be her name. Foxy was born in a neighbor’s yard. Unfortunately, this neighbor did not like foxes. Therefore, he destroyed the fox den. The foxes were sadly turned out of their old home.

Wild fox befriends woman.
(Image Source: Facebook/The Adventures of Foxy and Friends)

Poor foxy had no place to call home. Thus, she was searching for a new home. It was at that time she came across Emma’s yard. Emma did not mind the fox. In fact, she was nice to Foxy. Now, the two hang out at a safe distance. Foxy’s careful nature meant Emma could only observe her from afar.

Wild fox relaxes on a sofa.
(Image Source: Facebook/The Adventures of Foxy and Friends)

Soon, Foxy started to love her new home. She loved to sit on the sofa in the yard. Foxy befriended the cats in the neighborhood as well. The fox would even sneak into Emma’s house every now and then. Moreover, Foxy would never skip up the opportunity to steal Emma’s slippers. Foxy declared Emma’s yard as her own turf.

Emma realized that wild animals should not become dependent on human settlements. Therefore, she replaced the walk-in door at her house. Of course, Foxy was not too pleased with the new door.

(Image Source: Facebook/The Adventures of Foxy and Friends)

Regardless, Foxy and her sister grew attached to Emma. They would move closer to Emma so they could sniff her. Emma feels honored they chose her yard to stay in. Emma tries to take as many photos as she can. She works from home due to the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, Emma has a plenty of time to spend with Foxy. As a result, Foxy has her own social media page!


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