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Tearful Florida Woman Reunites with Her Stolen Husky after Two Years


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A Husky dog was reunited with her owner. Someone had stolen the dog from her. This tragedy took place two years ago. Kameroun Mares is the dog’s owner. Unfortunately, she had to leave for cancer treatment. Therefore, Mares had to receive chemotherapy before things would get worse.

Husky reunited with owner.
(Image Source: Ana Campos)

Mares had to depart to California. She received her treatment there. Of course, she did not leave her beloved Husky behind. Thus, she asked her roommate to watch the puppy. She receive a most grieving phone call while she was away. Mares’ roommate told her dog was missing. Animal Channel states this “made her heart sink.”

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Eventually, Mares came home. She never stopped calling dog shelters even when she was away. The dog’s owner was desperately hoping for a miracle. She could give up anything in the world. All she wanted was her Husky back. Semper is the name of the dog. Dog Inspiration claims this.

(Image Source: Ana Campos)

Mares searched for Semper for years. The owner was determined to return her dog’s loyalty one way or another. She did everything in order to search for the dog. Mares went as far as posting fliers on pet pages. She even called 15 vets to confirm Semper’s whereabouts.

Soon, she was informed to double-check her dog’s microchip. She went to humane society to track down Semper in 2017. The thief had overwritten the microchip. An online search had revealed this. A woman had overwritten the microchip in 2016. Therefore, the theft happen over a year ago.

Semper the Husky
(Image Source: Ana Campos)

The company which overwrote the chip did not see whether or not the Husky belonged to somebody else. Worse, the thief had sold Semper on Craigslist for $200. We are certainly fuming with anger after hearing this!

Semper and Mares would reunite with each other. This was definitely an amazing turn of events! It took Mares two and a half years to see Semper again. This was a horribly long time. The tragic situation only made the wait seemingly endless.

Florida woman finds her Husky.
(Image Source: Ana Campos)

Likewise, Kameroun Mares was driven to tears after seeing her dog. The countless tears paired with her dauntless effort finally worked out. Therefore, she claims this is one of the most memorable moments in her life. Moreover, we have captured several other tales like this. Buckle up for an emotional roller-coaster ride!


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