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Faithful Dog stays by Late Owner’s Side on Her Funeral


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A faithful dog chose to remain loyal to his late owner. This was especially the case on her funeral. The dog returned the love he always received in the owner’s life. The name of owner is Maria Isabel Benites Chamba. She passed away at the age of 95. Moreover, Bumer is the name of Maria’s dog. Ecuador is Chamba’s final resting place.

Faithful dog stays with owner.
(Image Source: Funeraria Santa Rosa)

Chamba’s family and friends attended her funeral. Bumer was also one of the attendees. He was perhaps the most notable attendee at the sorrowful event. One can easily note the sadness in poor Bumer’s eyes. Sadly, the dog was forced to bid farewell. Alas, unsaid goodbyes are truly the worst.

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Faithful dog hops in hearse.
(Image Source: Funeraria Santa Rosa)

Bumer’s presence on his owner’s burial is proof of an animal’s loyalty. An animal’s love is truly conditional. However, Bumer is one of the many examples that dogs are a man’s best friend. He truly refused to depart from his owner. He would only reluctantly leave until the very end. The Dodo has covered the tragic day.

Eventually, Bumer caught the attention of many. A funeral spokesperson noted the “loyalty and affection” of the dog. The spokesperson said Bumer was always by his owner’s side. This was no different from when Chamba was alive. Bumer stayed with the owner until the funeral’s end.

Faithful dog
(Image Source: Funeraria Santa Rosa)

Understandably, the emotional scene moved the spokesperson. They called it a “tremendous display of loyalty.” The dog even hoped into the hearse in one photo. Bumer was literally faithful till the very end. However, the question still remains: Was Bumer a good boy? In fact, he is truly the best dog. The answer seemed obvious at this point already.

Faithful dog refuses to leave owner.
(Image Source: Funeraria Santa Rosa)

On the brighter side, there is some good news to report. The rest of Chamba’s family had adopted Bumer. Therefore, they are taking great care of him. It is heartwarming to learn the dog is well-cared for. The memory of Bumer’s owner will live on with him.


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