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Black Panther Finds Forever Home With A Human And A Rottweiler


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Adorable baby panther abandoned by her mother. Thankfully this lady came into her life like an angel. They fell in love and now she is living with her new family in a forever home. This is so sweet.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Luna_the_panther)

Luna an adorable panther was born at the zoo in Siberia. For some unknown reason, her mother completely rejected her also refused to give her the milk and care she needed. This risked her survival chances.

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She was lucky that a woman came to her rescue. In addition to this, she had experience with big cats so she knew how to deal with Luna. She fed her with a proper diet filled with nutrients. That was necessary for her growth.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Luna_the_panther)

Their interactions made the lady get attached to Luna. This is when she decided to buy her off the zoo and bring her home to her new family. Where she will get unconditional love. She brought her because she knew she could give her an amazing life.

As Luna came she became part of the family. She also met the family dog Venza. After a long procedure, the both of them got along.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Luna_the_panther)

With the passage of time, their friendship bloomed and now they are inseparable. They love each other and are always together. Luna is a perfect fit in the family.

This unique friendship is very unique and dear to everyone. No one has ever seen a panther and a rottweiler in this unusual bond. The fact that both are equally cherished by their humans gives relief.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Luna_the_panther)

If it wasn’t for this lady the future of Luna was not shining. In fact, she gave a whole new meaning to her life. Surely Luna adores her human from the core of her heart. This is one big happy family that is complete in its way.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Luna_the_panther)

Well, indeed, Luna is also a famous social media star. Do follow her to be a part of her journey!

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