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Rare White Lion Cub Graces Us With A Glimpse


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A photographer is blessed by a glimpse of a white lion cub. This little one has raised the bar of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. This tiny being is exceptionally adorable.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Lyle McCabe)

Wildlife photographer Lyle McCabe is famous for his extraordinary skills. This photographer was visiting the famous park in Cape when he was graced with the glimpse of this cub.

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It is very rare to spot a white lion cub. He wasted not even a single second and captured the moment in his lens forever. So that he could treasure this moment for life.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Lyle McCabe)

This baby came straight from heaven. Its little feet know how to make a way into your heart.

Pictures are from the time this little being was playing with his tan sibling. This made it stand out among them. The acceptance of this baby by its family even after looking different from them is amazing.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Lyle McCabe)

The tiny one is getting love and equal treatment from its mother. Surely she is one lucky mom to have it as her baby.

Many think that this white lion is an albino but no. Its white skin and fur are due to a partial loss of pigmentation. This is a genetic condition.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Lyle McCabe)

Information about the birth of the cubs came to him a month ago. According to him due to few reasons, he was not able to come. But we are sure now that he must be extremely happy to have come and witnessed this cub himself.

Such an honor it is for a wildlife photographer. It’s an unforgettable moment. Surely if he would not have come he would have regretted his decision.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Lyle McCabe)

The pictures are absolutely stunning. They just not only focus on the single cub but depicts the entire family, their love, and bond.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Lyle McCabe)

Lastly, if you wanna see this family live do visit the famous park of Cape. It’s going be worth it!

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