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Mamma Donkey’s Unconditional Love For Her Foal


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It is always amazing to see the purity of love between a mother and her baby. Let’s take a moment and admire mamma and baby. Such power will melt your heart right away.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Stonehouseminidonkeys)

This fur-ball is adorable. Just one glimpse would sweep you off your feet. This species is also a love-filled kind. They spread love and positivity where ever they are at.

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Whereas it is not easy to take care of a foal. It requires a lot of effort. Due to the fact when they are born they are the most fragile species and cannot afford any sort of bacteria or germs near them.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Stonehouseminidonkeys)

The birth of a donkey foal is relatively a quick process so one needs to be prepared in advance for it. A clean loose box with proper clean bedding should be kept empty for 2-3 weeks before birth.

In addition to this, no one else should go near it in order to avoid any incidence of enteric disease. The equipment of the box should be clean, disinfected, and sterilized. Also, anyone coming near the box should take precautionary measures.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Stonehouseminidonkeys)

Exercise is essential for the foal. As donkey’s milk contains a very little amount of vitamin D. So it is necessary to expose the baby to the sunlight for at least 3 hours a day for strong bones and joints and proper development of that.

This exceptional species is very affectionate. Especially when they are babies they love to seek a lot of attention. It is highly important to give them that. They can get it from their mother or human.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Stonehouseminidonkeys)

Also, they are just like golden retrievers. They are extraordinarily playful and also great companions for playful horses and other donkeys present.

We should learn from this mamma and her foal.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Stonehouseminidonkeys)

All these species needs is love from everyone. Such an adorable and heart filled kind it is. Earth is for everyone so share the love as much as you can!

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