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First Ever Amur Leopard Born At Santa Barbara Zoo


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The Santa Barbara Zoo has an exciting announcement to make. This is the birth of its first ever Amur leopard. The baby was born on 4th August 2021. 4:05 am is the exact time of the delivery. The cub’s mother is none other than Ajax. Furthermore, she is the first cub born in 20 years at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Santa Barbara Zoo leopard
(Image Source: Facebook/Santa Barbara Zoo)

Marta is the name given to the cub. The Premier Foster Feeder sponsors chose the baby’s name. The cub weighs 1.1 pounds. Therefore, this is an indicator of great health. Amur leopards are the most endangered big cats in the world. In fact, there are about 100 living in the wild. That is a severely low number. Thus, this makes them critically endangered.

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Luckily, the Santa Barbara Zoo is committed to saving the endangered species. Therefore, it is a part of the Species Survival Plan. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) manages this plan. It hopes to give them a chance against threats to their population. As a matter of fact, the birth of the cub happened under this Species Survival Plan. The zoo’s Facebook page mentions this.

Amur leopard
(Image Source: Facebook/Santa Barbara Zoo)

Ajax is the most genetically diverse Amur leopard in North America. This is another great achievement of the zoo. Moreover, the zoo staff have been trying to breed the big cats for years. Thankfully, their efforts have paid off in the end. Breeding many animals requires extreme care. Therefore, only the best breeders may consider themselves up for the task. Giant pandas are one great example.

Dr. Julie Barnes confirms the cub’s good health. Moreover, she says Ajax is performing her motherly duties well. On the other hand, they have to be kept in a safe enclosure. They need this time to bond together. They will soon be open to the public after some time.

(Image Source: Facebook/Santa Barbara Zoo)

We congratulate the Santa Barbara Zoo on this ground-breaking achievement. This largely due to the hard work of the zoo’s staff in making this goal come true. It is great to know that all the hard work has paid off in the end.


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