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World Elephant Day Celebrated Globally For Awareness


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The whole world celebrates World Elephant Day on 12th August. This day marks the significance of elephants around the world. Filmmakers Patricia Sims and Michael Clark founded the occasion in 2011. The Elephant Reintroduction Foundation had helped them further in introducing the day. Thus, the first World Elephant day was celebrated on 12th August 2012.

This day increases awareness for the gentle giants of Mother Nature. It draws close attention to the danger the animals face. It acknowledges that elephants are an endangered species. Therefore, they face various threats in the wild. Poachers, habitat loss and deforestation are just a few of the major problems they face.

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Elephants hold a high status in a variety of cultures. This is especially the case in South Asia. As a matter of fact, elephants are sacred in Hinduism. The Hindu god Ganesha has elephant as well as human features. He is linked to good fortune. He is credited with making one’s path easy in the journey of life. Therefore, the god removes obstacles in one’s path.

World Elephant Day even has its own website. The website contains all the important information about the event. It raises a very valid concern about the elephant’s numbers. It agrees that elephants are loved all over the world. However, it also states they are on the verge of extinction.

The website advocates for the better treatment of elephants. Therefore, it pushes for a “non-exploitative environment” for them. Furthermore, it is heavily critical of illegal animal product trade. Obviously, this includes ivory products. Ivory trade has been illegal since 1989. Regardless, ivory products have attracted wealthy buyers in the black market.

The Hindustan Times explains the event’s importance. It says that it a global “rallying call” to put an end to threats faced by elephants. It expects people along with organizations to unite in order to protect elephants. This is especially so against ivory trade. Moreover, it calls to the preservation of habitats by providing a safe sanctuary to elephants.

World Elephant Day celebrates the giant animal without a doubt. However, it is also a moment to reflect on issues endangering elephants. Moreover, one can also consider helping them. This is possible by supporting organizations which aggressively oppose illicit ivory trade. One can also visit their local zoo or even the internet to learn more about this amazing creature.


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