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Mama Lion Risks Her Life to Save Her Cub in a Heroic Rescue


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Mama Lion had made a heroic rescue of her cub. This daring feat was also witnessed by a wildlife photographer. The mother’s cub was simply playing around. Suddenly, the poor baby slipped over the edge. Luckily, the baby did not fall directly to the bottom. The cub had leaned against the side, desperate to hang on. Daily BB News had reported this.

Cub falls down
(Image Source: Daily BB News)

The baby had realized what went wrong. It helplessly cried for help. The entire pride of lions looked over the edge. It seemed they were figuring out what to do. Firstly, the lions tried to climb down the cliff. However, the cliff was too steep for them to descend. Moreover, this was also dangerous.

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Lion pride
(Image Source: Daily BB News)

It was at this time the mother made her daring rescue. She had to do whatever it would take to rescue her precious cub. Therefore, she leaped down the cliff. She descended slowly to get closer to her cub. Her powerful paws would allow her to maintain her grip on the cliff as she would descend.

Lion Cub
(Image Source: Daily BB News)

Eventually, she rescued her cub. She grabbed her cub with a bite of her powerful jaws. Thus, saving the cub from falling down. Mama lion had rescued her cub in the heat of the moment. However, the rescue was far from over. The mother had to ascend the cliff while grabbing her cub.

Lion baby and mother
(Image Source: Daily BB News)

Mama Lion ascended the cliff with her powerful jaws. She was able to reach the top. Therefore, the cub was out of danger. She put her baby down after saving it. Furthermore, she licked her baby as all mother lions do. The lioness had clearly saved the day with her act of heroism! Moreover, she had put her life on the line while doing so. Lolitopia has confirmed these events.

Hopefully, now the cub will know not to wander off. It should be more careful. Thus, it will now think twice before going off on its own frolic. Mother lions are very protective of their young. This event is one very good example!


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