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Giant Lizard Climbs Up Shelves In Thailand’s Supermarket


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A scary moment took place which terrorised the people. A six-foot-long giant lizard emerged from nearby to the 7-eleven store. This happened while people were in the store.

Giant Lizard
(Image Source: newsflare)

The terrified staff members hid behind the counter. On the other hand, people ran away while few started to make a video of the scene.

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This giant lizard is also known as the monitor lizard. Additionally, the event was captured live in video. This video was posted on Newsflare. People are screaming and laughing in the background while the giant lizard climbs the shelf.

giant lizard
(Image Source: newsflare)

Moreover, this event took place outside Bangkok. As it is easy to find them in these areas. As the weather gets humid, they start to come out in search of food. Even this lizard came out in search of food. Seems like it did not have any food and thought of raiding the store.

According to the customers, the shop assistant called the police.  Told them about the current situation. The police got a reptile rescuer with them. The rescue team arrived at the scene and took the monitor lizard out. Afterward, they released the lizard in the outskirts.

Giant Lizard
(Image Source: newsflare)

The video got viral. The news is everywhere on the internet. Additionally, all the news channels made sure to capture this breaking news where lizard came to a shop for buying food for itself.

One can find Asian monitor lizards in humid areas near canals. In order to eat, they come out during the dry season when there is less rainfall. However, these lizards are the second biggest lizards after the comodo dragon. They can live for 22 years in captivity. This lizard’s venom has a lighter effect on humans as it only uses it to kill its prey. Last but not the least, one does not want to provoke this lizard as they are shy and can attack if provoked.

(Image Source: newsflare)

Luckily, there are no reported injuries. All is well that ends!

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