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Three Bouncy Baby Lemurs Born In The Woodland Park Zoo


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There are celebrations at the Woodland Park Zoo. After 16 years, the Zoo has managed successful breeding of Red-ruffed lemurs. Earlier this week, triplets of red-ruffed lemur are born. Hence, it’s a moment to cherish for each staff member of the Zoo.

(Image Source: Woodland Park Zoo)

These three cuties are born to first-time mother Sally. She will turn five this year though. There are two other males in the group. One is Orion and the other is Lucier. They will turn 14 years next month. But the identification of the father is pending. The DNA test will confirm the paternity of the triplets.

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Moreover, the authorities have yet to identify the gender of the triplets. Other than that, they are being checked by vets on regular basis. Luckily, the three of them are all healthy and weigh around 6.7 oz to 7.8 oz.

(Image Source: Woodland Park Zoo)

The new mother and babies are inside in the enclosure. There she can nurse them comfortably and can take care of them. The babies will not be available for the public to view as yet. According to the Zoo, they are going to wait for few more weeks. They’ll be in enclosure till they feel it is the right time for them to be in contact with humans.

These species have a tropical rain forest loop in the park where the public can see them in their natural habitat.

(Image Source: Woodland Park Zoo)

The Woodland Park Zoo working on the conservation plan of the Species Survival Plan. Their breeding program is to make sure that the population of red-ruffed lemurs grows. In addition to this, the plan also makes sure that they are healthy and have proper facilities available. This plan is overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Woodland Park Zoo is one of them.

Additionally, Northeast of Madagascar has most of the lemurs. Red Ruffed lemur lives in groups. They are highly vocal and are very social.

(Image Source: Woodland Park Zoo)

Last but not the least, these tiny little beings hold the key to happiness for the zoo!

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