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Woman Found A Gigantic Tooth On A Beach In California


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On October 31, a woman discovered a tooth the size of her palm on a beach and left people in a state of shock. The discovery was made on a Hunting Island, Southern California. However, it is still unclear where the gigantic tooth came from.

Facebook user Missy Tracewell from Ohio, United States shared her strange discovery on social media. She posted a photo of the strange tooth in a Facebook group Hunting Island State Park (SC), Beaufort, and Camping (Memories) and wrote, “Biggest one yet…found this afternoon on Hunting Island.”

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gigantic tooth
(Image Source:Facebook / Missy Tracewell / Hunting Island State Park (SC) , Beaufort & Camping (Memories)

More than a thousand people liked and shared her post. A lot of people were shocked and confused after seeing the photograph. Furthermore, many people also started guessing in the comments who the tooth might have belonged to.

A few commenters claimed that the strange tooth belonged to an extinct prehistoric species known as the Megalodon. According to Live Science, the Megalodon went extinct millions of years ago. It is considered to be one of the largest fish ever recorded and the name Megalodon literally means “giant tooth.”

One person commented on the post saying, “That looks like a Megalodon tooth! Great find.” While another wrote, “Love it! Certainly looks like a Megalodon! Finally round a sharks tooth on Fripp last month! Much easier to find at Hunting!”

gigantic tooth
(Image Source: Flickr / Ryan Somma)

Furthermore, Missy also spoke to The State about discovering the tooth. She said, “I pick it up, and I stand up, and I’m so shocked that I have it in my hand … that I dropped it on the sand. I’m screaming, and I’m just like a 5-year-old, jumping up and down and I was crying, ‘I cannot believe this. Oh my God I just found a Megalodon tooth.’”

However, until an expert confirms who the gigantic tooth belongs to, we can only guess that this belonged to a Megalodon. Many other people have also found different sorts of teeth on this beach.

This is an amazing find by Missy Tracewell!

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