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Dog Gains Popularity For Having World’s Longest Nose


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2-year-old Eris, the Borzoi, has the world’s longest nose according to her owners.

world's longest nose
(Image Source: Instagram/ Eris The Borzoi)

This adorable dog from Virginia has gained a lot of popularity on Instagram after her owners posted photos of her unusually long nose. The Borzoi has almost 178,000 followers on her page.

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27-year-old Lily Kambourian adopted Eris when she was a little puppy in 2018. Lily told The Koala, “She [Eris] was a very energetic puppy, always running herself basically to sleep.”

eris borzoi
(Image Source: Instagram/ Eris The Borzoi)

Adding, “We were actually looking for a Borzoi for a long time before we met Eris, and knew I think just from seeing her momma that we would be taking home a wonderful pup when Eris was born”.

Borzoi’s or Russian Wolfhounds “in general are pretty long nosed pups”. Lily also added, “I’m pretty sure all of her [Eris] siblings have some degree of an overbite”. But Eris’s nose is almost 12.2 inches long, which is longer than most Borzoi’s.

Eris’s owner also explained that overbite does not negatively affect her life and health. She said, “Thankfully the overbite is purely a cosmetic issue. It doesn’t affect Eris’s life in any way other than letting her poke her nose in places she should be able to- like treat pockets of a coat”.

eris the borzoi
(Image Source: Instagram/ Eris The Borzoi)

Eris is nicknamed ‘Madam Eris Overbite, Queen of Snoots’. The doggy was named after the Greek Goddess of discord. She loves to play fetch, just like any other dog “and she just gets so excited and launches herself into the air!”

Her owners believe that Eris has the world’s longest nose out of all the dogs. However, they have not confirmed this with any current record.

And as you can see the snoot does not interfere a lot in her eating endeavors.

world's longest nose
(Image Source: Instagram/ Eris The Borzoi)

Eris recently celebrated her second birthday on May 19 with her owner’s Lily and Savannah.


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